a girl with authority

i'm sure many of you have heard the story about the horrible car crash at taylor two years ago. 
whitney cerak was the girl that lived to tell her story to the world. 
and one day, she asked her dad, "why me?" 
and her dad responded, "whitney, why not you?"

i've been asking the same question over the past 10 days. 
God, why me?
and He keeps responding, why not you?

i've spent this past year, my junior year at IWU, feeling completely unprepared to do what God has been calling me to do. 
i've struggled through leadership classes and my own personal relationships. 
and it was so obvious that i was supposed to pursue experience missions. 
and now that arizona is a month away, i still feel somewhat unprepared. 
but it's coming, and i'm not about to ignore the call. 

Jesus had authority while on earth. people followed him, not because he looked good or had amazing speeches or was the most popular, but because his message had authority. he knew who he was. he was confident in who his Father wanted him to be. 

and as i heard that in the sermon this morning at church, i didn't get really excited. until the pastor told us to turn over to matthew 28. and in that moment, it clicked. i started crying. i knew exactly where he was going with this. 

"all authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. THEREFORE, go and make disciples of all nations..."
matthew 28:18-19a

i have his authority, the same authority Jesus had when he was here. 
i have the Holy Spirit with me. 
so God, let's go... to arizona, to zambia, to wherever else in this crazy, heartbroken world you want to take me.
it doesn't matter at all how ready i feel. 
here i am. 
send me. 
margie, why not you?