hamstring or quad

Okay, ready?
Stupid Marge Moment in Africa #1

There’s this building right behind our house in our little compound that I believe is used for storage of some sort. It’s a simple square building with a flat roof. There’s a really strange makeshift ladder that is sometimes next to it and it also has a fireman-like pole attached to one side.

So anyways, Elijah and Bratcher have climbed up there several times to lie in the sun and relax and read and sleep and get some time to themselves. Leah went up there the other day as well. One night early this week, we made popcorn yet again and decided to sit outside and eat and look at the stars, which when the nights are clear are incredible. And in order to see the stars and moon better, we decided that we too wanted to climb up on top of this building.

Elijah helped us up using the ladder and we sat up there for a while and had a great time. The night was beautiful and the moon was full and it was great and relaxing.

The issue for me was getting down. Now, it seemed pretty simple. You just shimmy over the horizontal part of the fireman pole and slide down. There were two people on the ground spotting us, and it really wasn’t that hard to get down at all. I made it over and started sliding down and was doing great until, BAM, I hit this little spicket type thing that was sticking out of the side of the pole. Yes, I hit it with my thigh and it did not feel good. No one really told me it was there and I slammed right into it.

Moral of the story: Even in the dark, look before you slide down fireman poles for a spicket thing or you’ll end up with one beautiful bruise on the inside of your thigh for a good long time.

*Football player comes into the training room where Christi Church is working holding the front of his thigh and limping and maybe almost crying a little bit.

CC: Um, that would be your quad. Your hamstring is the back of your leg.

Christi and I laugh about this for a long long time.*


Kathy T said...

I laughed pretty hard when I read this but still feel sorry that you bruised yourself. Seeing the night sky was probably worth the bruise, however! Love you.

Christi said...

hahahahah marge!! Love that story..I remember that day in the Training room.. I chuckled once again over that story.
Yikes! its going to be a nice big bruise. I've been there. ;)

Soak in those night skies Marge.

Love you

beth said...

haha. i did not see that coming. i used to think you were so wise. but look at all these invaluable lessons you're still learning... :-P

Haley said...

Marge! :D I just love it. Your blogs are so interesting... Especially when they talk about hilarious stories like that. So your birthday is coming up really soon. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Love you chica and always praying for you! XOXOXO