the initiation

This morning at church, James and Sarah stood us up in height order (Chris, Me, Alex) in front of the congregation and talked in Navajo for a while. We had absolutely no idea what was going on until they handed each of us a knife and told us to always carry them with us and be prepared. When the Navajo’s ask, we better have our knives on us.
I didn’t know how to say thank you. We stood there dumbfounded. None of us had a clue that the church would do something like this for us. We were simply amazed. As I told someone this story later, she told me that the moments like this are the ones that make every heartache and backbreaking thing we do worth it. It seems to me like we’re a part of the family after all. And once again, I felt so blessed.

Every day is a new adventure. You never know what is going to happen; what challenges you’re going to face or what amazing moments you’re going to have. The pastor at Exit 59 where I go to church when I’m at school always says that he would have never dreamed he’d be where he is today and if he could have seen the future while in college, he wouldn’t have ever believed that this life would happen for him.
It feels like that this summer. If I could see into the future for the rest of the summer, I’m sure there are things that will come across my path that I would never have believed I’d do or handle. But that’s the beauty of living in the now, living day by day, and not worrying about what may happen tomorrow.
It’s still hard to believe I’m here: cooking outside for 50 people, washing pans with ash from the fire (it takes the fire burns off so your clothes don’t get black!), hiking down into canyons, eating new things, actually wanting to butcher a sheep, driving big vans on crazy dirt roads and tackling my fear of heights.
There are times when I wonder what in the world I’m doing here, and times when I’m simply amazed that I’ve had this incredible opportunity.


Christi said...

Isn't it crazy how God is just with you? I feel like I have never had, seen, felt, witnessed God like this before. Maybe its because I'm actually looking for Him and trying/ desperate for Him in a way I never have been before. Its like He knows I'm weak and is right there holding me up with his power and strength. I love you marge. Thanks for encouraging my soul all the way from AZ. I'm getting through classes alright but its way hard and different. Love you

Christi said...

Marge I found this little thing and wanted to share it with you.
Walking step by step with God requires embracing the moment for all it's worth. They way you do that is whenever you are tempted to become fearful, frustrated, uncertain, or panicked about what is happening in your life, stop and seek God's presence. When you see that He is there with you, you will realize that you have everything you need for the moment you're in.
When we embrace Him, we see the blessings that are right in front of us. We can be content right where we are, because He is there.
(this is the prayer) Lord, You are everything to me. Thank You that i can walk each moment with You and not have to figure life out on my own. And when I come to a dark time, I can put my hand in Yours and depend on You as we walk through it together. I know that "the upright shall dwell in Your presence" (Psalm 140:13), and that's where I want to live. For in Your presence I will find healing, deliverance, love peace, joy, and hope.

Anyway, I loved this when I read it and thought of you. I hope you get it and I have been praying for you.. Oh and Grad school is really hard. :) Love you