at 9:30 on tuesday morning...

I’m a fairly lucky 22-year old. Not only do I have an incredibly wise and wonderful mother, she is now sharing with me a part of her life that I have grown to love.

There is an eclectic group of really cool women that meet at 9:30 on Tuesday morning for Bible study. They have often gone through Beth Moore books and are now making their way through a Kelly Minter study. But the books that they go through isn’t what is special about them.

They share their stories. They facebook each other. They relate to what they’re studying. And probably little known to them, they are teaching me more than I ever could learn in a classroom.

These are your everyday women, wives, mothers, grandmothers, and friends. I understand that many college students probably wouldn’t love going to their mom’s Bible study every Tuesday morning. Maybe I’m strange, but I love it. It’s my favorite time of the week. I never know what I’m going to hear or learn.

So, Tuesday morning group, here’s to you. Thank you for making me feel included. Thank you for welcoming me home. Thank you for sharing your stories and allowing me to interject comments every once in a while. I’ve learned more from you than you’ll ever know.


rachel joy baransi said...

that's really sweet!

nicholas said...

Margie you are a joy to have in Bible class and it's great to have fresh insite to help us relate to all generations of women. God Bless you for your committment and love. Kathy M

nicholas said...

Oops I guess I used my grandsons account...sorry Nick. Kathy M