ah. here we go...

Here goes the month of July…

First of all, there’s the wedding. Lisa is getting married in less than 48 hours and it’s going to be an all day affair, but it will be a fun one.

I have one day to recoup.

Sunday, I leave for jr. high church camp up at Round Lake. I haven’t been up there in two years, and I am really excited. Two years ago, I got to go to Round Lake with a bunch of other people from church as well as a bunch of our jr. high kids. This year, I’m the only sponsor from church with a dozen or so of our kids, but I’m still really excited. I’ll get to be a family leader and get to know not only whoever I am leading a family with, but also all of my kids.

In my head, and a few times out loud, I’ve said that jr. high kids weren’t my favorite and I couldn’t really picture myself working with them.

Well, God likes to take what I say and turn it around. And like I’ve learned before, I’ve seen it again lately, His plans are ALWAYS better (and more fun) than mine.

So I’ve been working with jr. high kids. And I love them. I love talking to them, I love subbing for them, and I love being around them.

So, RLCA, since you invested in me in jr. high school so many times, here I am again, to invest in however many of the 140 kids next week that I can.

Jr. high, here I come.

After jr. high camp, life gets even more exciting. I’m going to Vegas.

Just flying there, where I go beyond Vegas is way more exciting to me than Vegas. Inscription House, AZ, here I come.

I love this place. I left my heart there. (For more details or info, go back and read my old posts from last summer about this place and the incredible people that I love there.)

It’s been too long since I’ve seen this family, this family that I am a part of. Sarah told me to come back anytime after I told her I loved eating drybread with sheep fat and liver.

So, Arizona, I am so ready to see you. I am so ready to walk across eggshell arch, to hike down in the canyon, to drive fast with Jere, to talk with Daniel, and to give every single family member a hug.

Life is good when you can see and be with the people you love. This is going to be a great July.

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