girls in blue dresses with no satin sashes...

I really wish I could explain what the sisterhood meant to me.

There's been wonderful times that we've walked through together (mostly late at nite and involving macaroni and cheese).

There's been hard times (with many tears) that we have unfortunately walked through together.

But through it all, these three girls have been ones I could call at any time.

And today, one of them got married. Lisa always tried to take care of us. Her older sister, mother instinct kicked in quite early in the sisterhood, and it is one of the things I love about her.

But Lisa also knows how to have an incredibly good time (seaweed, anyone?)

Congratulations, Lisa and Lin - know that I will always be praying for you both. And Lisa, just because you're married doesn't mean that sisterhood moments can't be relived...

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emma said...

Yay! what a beautiful picture of you girls! all grown up!